Production Facilities


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Reducing, chopping and mixing raw materials or processing these in their entirety.

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Cooking and mixing

Cooking ragout, sauces, pasta and rice, mixing hot and cold products. We can also tumble raw materials.

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All ingredients in any combination, except liquids, can be formed - large and small and in 3D figures.

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Chopping and spraying

Spraying of (a mix of) ingredients with a diameter from 8 to 15 mm and chopping products in sausage form with a diameter from 2 to 20 cm.

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Battering and crumb coating

All cheese, vegetable and meat products or combinations of these can be provided with a 1 to 5-step coating of tempura, batter, crumb coating, breading or glaze. Everything is possible.

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Cooking and frying

We can steam, roast and process snacks using a combination of hot air and steam, or hot air. Browning and pre-baking in a deep-fryer is also possible.

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Many packaging solutions are available in all types and sizes, from folding box to standup pouch and from flowpack and retail boxes to tray packaging.


"We can install an entirely different production line within a few hours."

Jeffrey de Klerk - Technical Department