Kwekkeboom Oven & Airfryer

Kwekkeboom Oven & Airfryer is the founder of the ever-expanding oven snack category.

The introduction in 2014 is just as innovative as Herman Kwekkeboom’s croquet was in his day. Kwekkeboom Oven & Airfryer has succeeded in ensuring that snacks prepared in the oven and Airfryer emerge in the same crispy way as they do from the deep-fryer, with the same trusted premium Kwekkeboom quality. This opened up the oven snack market and gave a new boost to the frozen category. Kwekkeboom was awarded various retail awards.

The range now comprises numerous highly acclaimed snacks for parties and meals.

"We produce well-known, historic brands. It makes me feel really proud of this company, every day."

Desmond Dijkgraaf - Marketing


Buitenhuis has been market leader in the Foodservice market since 1960. The extensive and high-quality finger food range has enabled Buitenhuis to build an extremely strong reputation among its customers.

Buitenhuis finger food is available in any variation you can think of: from cheesy bites, chicken nuggets, ‘bitterballen’ and meatballs to prawns, mini spring rolls and vegetable bites.

Buitenhuis has also been particularly successful with its smart mix packaging. The sizes of the snacks are aligned precisely so that the perfect end result can be achieved in just one cooking time.


Yumz is NewForrest’s youngest brand, founded in 2018. Yumz was founded to meet the increasing, especially international, demand for finger foods. Yumz is now sold in over 15 countries in both the retail and food service channels. The Yumz range currently consists of 6 SKUs with internationally oriented finger foods. All Yumz products can be prepared in the fryer or oven and are available in different pack sizes.