About us

Our vision

In the future, finger food will play a more important role than ever in our eating patterns. In line with changing consumer behaviour, we are convinced that finger food will become more and more relevant. The NewForrest Fingerfood brands have laid the foundation for this in the Benelux.

Our mission is to keep on matching our premium products to changing consumer requirements with respect to quality, health, social welfare and convenience. But above all, we want to offer culinary enjoyment with every bite.

Enjoy delicious food together

The world is changing. Our lives are faster, more individual and more international. This also influences how we eat. New eating patterns are emerging. Small snacks will form the building blocks of our main meal.

The enjoyment of delicious food is a fundamental driver in the finger food market. Treats help us get through the day and small, hot snacks transform drinks into a party. Finger food will determine the food market of tomorrow. NewForrest Fingerfood is well-prepared.

Fingerfood inspiration