Core competencies



“Creativity is seeing what everyone sees, but doing what nobody else does”


Mariska Buitenhuis – Research & Development



Food safety and total quality

Priority number 1

A focus on quality is part of our culture. And, of course, we satisfy all EU standards and values with respect to food production. We have all the relevant quality certificates and comply with these too. Food safety and total quality are priority number 1.


“We can install an entirely different production line within a few hours.”


Jeffrey de Klerk – Technical Department


Rich history

Kwekkeboom (since 1900) and Buitenhuis (since 1960) are well-known, prestigious brands in the finger food market. This enables NewForrest Fingerfood to build on its rich history and sound knowledge of national and international markets.




Can-do mentality

Our most important feature is the attitude of the approximately 100 people who work at NewForrest Fingerfood. Flexibility, perseverance, innovation, creativity, result-orientation and team spirit… these are all in our DNA.



“We were the first to make crispy oven snacks.”


Gijsbert van de Weg – Sales



Fingerfood inspiration