Research and development

Innovation and creation

Research & Development forms the basis of our success. Our R&D department enables NewForrest Fingerfood to take the lead in areas including oven technology and product development. Various innovative finger food concepts have been prepared for further development. For our own brands or those of our business partners.

From lab to launch

The production and launch phase

Devising and developing a product is the first step, but then we arrive at the production and market launch phases. We have extensive experience in these areas as well. We ensure efficient product scale-up to high-quality end product and offer professional support right through to the product launch.


Oven technology

Oven and airfryer finger food

Oven technology is a striking example of our innovative and commercial thinking. Finger foods now emerge from the oven or Airfryer with the same crispy coating and smooth filling as their deep-fried versions. This enables us to reach a new market and target group.

Fingerfood inspiration

"Creativity is seeing what everyone sees, but doing what nobody else does."

Mariska Buitenhuis - Research & Development