Kwekkeboom was founded

Herman Kwekkeboom started his patisserie shop on Rapenburg in Amsterdam in 1900. He opened more shops in the city starting from 1938. As well as typical patisserie products, he also sold sausages and pastries.


Buitenhuis was founded

Frans Buitenhuis opened an automat in Zeist in 1960. In the kitchen behind the automat, he prepared various specialist snacks, which were also purchased by an increasing number of cafe owners and catering businesses. Production later moved to Wijk bij Duurstede. With his mini snacks, Buitenhuis (nomen est omen – Buitenhuis literally translates as outside the home!) laid the foundation in the 1970s for market leadership in the Foodservice market in the Benelux with a wide range of high-quality finger food and smart mix packaging.



Buitenhuis Snacks and NPM Capital acquired Cold Food. Cold Food introduced brands such as Van Dobben and Kwekkeboom to the market. They continued together under the name, Royaan.


Kwekkeboom Oven introduced

Kwekkeboom radically changed the snack market – both Foodservice as well as Retail – with the introduction of Kwekkeboom Oven: real crispy oven snacks. This initiative received many innovation awards, including the golden Wheel of Retail. It also required its own, independent marketing strategy, for which the NewForrest Fingerfood company was founded.


NewForrest Fingerfood entirely independent

Part of the Royaan brand portfolio (including Van Dobben) was sold. Buitenhuis and Kwekkeboom Oven remained at NewForrest Fingerfood, along with the co-manufacturing activities. This enabled NewForrest Fingerfood to improve its focus and operate quickly. A management buy-out resulted in NewForrest Fingerfood becoming entirely independent as of 1 August 2017. The production location on Watermolenweg in Wijk bij Duurstede houses the co-manufacturing business as well as Buitenhuis and Kwekkeboom Oven & AirFryer.


Success NewForrest Fingerfood continues

The success of the Kwekkeboom Oven & Airfryer and Buitenhuis brands is being expanded further. The range has now been supplemented with numerous premium finger foods. Various prestigious parties in the snack and finger food market have also discovered NewForrests Fingerfood’s innovative development and production possibilities, which has resulted in a large number of co-manufacturing contracts and production for various private labels.