Private label

NewForrest Fingerfood has proven that it can scale up efficiently from sample to high-quality end product. We produce private labels for leading food retailers.

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As partner in co-manufacturing, NewForrest Fingerfood transforms your wishes from idea to product to successful finger food. Be inspired by our R&D department.

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NewForrest Fingerfood produces top brands Kwekkeboom Oven & Airfryer, founder in the oven snack category, and Buitenhuis, market leader in the Foodservice market.

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About us

With its finger food and snacks, NewForrest Fingerfood is building towards the food market of tomorrow, when small snacks will form a major part of our eating patterns.

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Fingerfood inspiration

Production facilities

The NewForrest Fingerfood production facilities meet all safety and quality requirements and can be deployed quickly and flexibly for various applications.

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