Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

For NewForrest Fingerfood B.V., it is important that the information entrusted to it remains confidential and is protected.

In principle, NewForrest Fingerfood B.V. only collects data that you provide to us consciously during a discussion, meeting, e-mail, via post or if you hand this to us physically. We do not collect any data relating to your internet behaviour, including visits to our internet pages. We only use anonymised cookies on our website. These do not save personal data and do not register surfing behaviour. In principle, we only collect data that is relevant for implementing contracts and complying with statutory obligations.

Your personal data will not be used or processed for purposes other than the purposes for which you provided the data to us. We only deviate from this with your consent, or when this is compulsory or permitted as a consequence of statutory provisions (such as the obligation to monitor administration for tax purposes), professional standards or quality regulations, or if this is necessary to substantiate a statutory regulation.

NewForrest Fingerfood B.V. does not provide personal data to third parties, unless this is necessary to substantiate a statutory regulation and/or in as far as statutory provisions or professional standards prescribe or permit this. If we use third parties, these must comply with the same standards with respect to data processing and security as those we place on ourselves. We only provide personal data to third parties when this is necessary.

If you have provided NewForrest Fingerfood B.V. with personal data, you have the right to access and rectify this and you have the right to object to data processing. If you wish to use one of these rights, please send an e-mail to

NewForrest Fingerfood B.V. takes security measures and procedures to protect personal data from unauthorised forms of loss, misuse, changes or erasure. Nevertheless, we are unable to offer an absolute data protection guarantee against all threats. Persons who have access to your data are obliged to treat these data in confidence. We also take all reasonable efforts to only save personal data for as long as this is necessary or until the person asks us to erase the data.

NewForrest Fingerfood B.V. may amend this Privacy Statement from time to time.

If you have a complaint with respect to the protection of personal data by NewForrest Fingerfood B.V., please send an e-mail to You can also contact the Personal Data Protection Authority about this.