Game changer in the snacks category

Kwekkeboom changed the Dutch snack market overnight with the introduction of Kwekkeboom Oven. This is even more remarkable when you consider that Kwekkeboom is a brand with a history going back to 1900, when Herman Kwekkeboom first started his pastry shop in Amsterdam. He introduced the ‘kroket’, and the ‘bitterbal’, which is still the most popular finger food in the Netherlands.

Kwekkeboom Oven proved to be no less innovative with its outstanding crispy oven-baked snacks. Consumers in the Benelux region had been used to the crispiness of fried snacks, but they embraced the convenience and premium quality of Kwekkeboom Oven within just a fortnight. This gave the snack and frozen foods segment a boost for which Kwekkeboom received all of the retail innovation awards, including the 2016 SIAL country award in Paris.

Kwekkeboom Oven encompasses a broad range of finger foods, supplemented by a number of larger snacks.


Leading finger foods brand in foodservice

Buitenhuis has been the leading finger foods brand in the Netherlands since its establishment in 1960.

The comprehensive assortment of premium quality Buitenhuis appetisers has given the company a very strong reputation with its customers.

Buitenhuis finger foods come in all varieties from cheese bites, chicken nuggets and meatballs to shrimps, spring rolls and vegetable bites. The Buitenhuis packaged assortments are in especially high demand. The sizes of the snacks in these packages are carefully balanced with each other in order to ensure a single preparation time and a perfect end result.

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