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Expansion of NewForrest in Germany

4 November 2022

NewForrest spreads its wings; 2nd production site opening in Germany

NewForrest Fingerfood is a dynamic company that has grown from a finger food specialist in the Benelux to an international player since 2017 after becoming independent.

“We have done this by relying on our belief that we can produce and deliver delicious and honest products for (international) customers based on innovation, quality and flexible/scalable production. Complemented by our brands Kwekkeboom Oven & Airfryer, Buitenhuis, Yumz (international label) and a strong and enthusiastic team, we want to expand this great company even further” said Marcel de Backer, CEO of NewForrest.

By 2020, production capacity and storage capacity had expanded by 50%. In 2018, NewForrest bought an additional site next to the main building in Wijk bij Duurstede and built an Innovation Centre, development laboratory and a pilot plant, which opened in 2021. This approach has brought growth in turnover and staff numbers in recent years and has also resulted in several expansions.

“This year has seen another expansion and we are proud to have launched a 2nd production location in Bad Iburg, Germany, which is to go into operation as of October 2022. Our new production site provides additional capacity and flexibility to grow further with our innovations to become THE Finger Food Specialist of Europe” said Marcel de Backer.

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