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Indulgence: enjoying good food; a fundamental driver of our segment.

Little moments of culinary enjoyment help us through the day. A small, warm snack makes the party a success. The core driver of the appetiser market is as solid as a rock.

The world is changing: we live faster, and we are more individual and more international. That has an impact on the way we eat. New types of eating occasions are emerging. Small bites will become the building blocks of our main meal, going much further than tapas or sushi have already taken us. Finger foods will define the food market of tomorrow. NewForrest is ready to do its part in building this market.


A major part of our business is developing and co-manufacturing snacks for other companies, so we’ve invested heavily in the necessary plant and facilities. We co-manufacture for a number of internationally recognised food service companies. We also supply Private Label snacks to several renowned retailers.


The success of NewForrest is rooted in our highly innovative and creative R&D department.

Our broad knowledge of oven and other relevant technologies has enabled us to take the initiative in our category. Both our brands and our business partners have a comprehensive NPD pipeline of innovative snack and appetiser concepts at their disposal.

We have extensive experience in production scaling, allowing us to ensure a smooth and professional implementation and lead-up to market introduction.

Production Facilities

Production Facilities

Our state-of-the-art factory can produce a wide range of products. We have various technologies at our disposal that enable us to prepare, shape, size, batter and fry almost any kind of food ingredient into premium quality custom finger foods. Furthermore, we offer an extensive variety of packaging options.
Quality assurance

Quality assurance

We are committed to quality at every stage of the manufacturing process. It goes without saying that we comply with all EU regulations and standards regarding food production, and we hold many relevant quality certifications. Food safety and total quality are our top priorities. Our focus on quality goes beyond just formal procedures and systems: it is embedded in our culture. We live and breathe quality in every aspect of our work.
Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship

Our customer team is set up to work closely with you throughout the process from idea to snack, from market opportunity to market launch. We have a proactive approach and will work together with you to achieve the optimal end result.


Cheese, meat, vegetables, chicken... Battered, tempura-based, extruded.  Sliced or shaped. A world of possibities opens up in our R&D facility. Co-creating is our passion.

We invite you to get inspired. Our CustomMade team is set up to translate your ideas into the perfect fingerfood solutions. You will not be disappointed.


We are looking forward to working with you on tomorrow’s business opportunities.
Feel free to take the first step and contact us.

Jasper Swart

Sales Manager

: j.swart@newforrest.nl
: + 31 (0)6 51292542
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